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Filling your viewfinder, a massive WWII B-17 Flying Fortress holds steady formation near enough to feel and hear the rumble of the engines over the rushing 160 knot slipstream in the open door. Off the massive bomber’s wing a “little friend” P-51 Mustang holds position providing both top cover and a photographic counterpoint as you compose and shoot.


If you have ever dreamed of taking off for your very own air to air photo mission, Air2AirWorkshops will provide you first hand experience and small group instruction in all aspects of air to air photography, from planning and briefing to directing, shooting and post processing.

2013 schedule and format changes under development

We have had a great time sharing our passion and experience with our friends in Arizona, Texas and Florida. Now we're working on ways to make our next season even better. Watch this space for updates on our new additions. Meanwhile, enjoy a few photos taken during previous Air 2 Air Workshops events.



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