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A2A 2012-4

A2A 2012-1 17-19 Feb
  Commemorative Air Force, Mesa, AZ

A2A 2012-2 16-18 March
  Stallion 51, Kissimme, FL

A2A 2012-3 19-21 October
  Lone Star Flight Museum

A2A 2012-4 09-11 Nov

Commemorative Air Force, Mesa, AZ

Air2Air Workshops rounds out 2012 back at one of our favorite locations, with our great friends at the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force over the Veteran's Day weekend. Cost for participants is $2995 with a limit of 8 participants to maximize opportunities.

Our flights will feature B-25 Mitchell "Maid in the Shade," Mustangs, and a mix of warbird, classic, antique and general aviation aircraft providing a mix of subjects illustrating most subjects you may shoot in the real world. As with any activity including aircraft, the specific aircraft available on shooting days is subject to maintenance, but similar backups are in place.

Participants will again be able to use and evaluate Nikon equipment including D3s camera bodies along with 70-200VR2, 24-120VR, 14-24, 16mm Fisheye lenses and SB-900 speedlights during the workshop.

Workshop format is very busy, so plan to go home exhausted but satisfied:
  • Friday 7-11pm: Introductions and image presentation, gear basics and preparation for morning shoot.
  • Saturday: Sunrise static shoot followed by breakfast. Classroom time with air to air technique, aesthetic and technical instruction. After lunch, formation training and air to air briefing with Doug Rozendaal, our exceptionally talented and experienced photo pilot. Late evening air to air shoot followed by dinner and night static shoot utilizing Speedlights if time allows.
  • Sunday: Predawn mission brief followed by sunrise air to air shoot. Breakfast debrief followed by classroom focused on digital darkroom and image management to maximize your air to air images. Compete by 1pm to allow for travel.

AZ sunset fighters                                                               © 2010 Richard VanderMeulen

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